Saurin Patel - Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario

Saurin Patel Ivey

Research Mentioned in Media

"More Managers, Better Performance", Investment Executive Magazine, April 2014 (PDF File)

"Teams Boost Mutual Fund Returns", MoneySense Magazine, April 2014

"More Cooks Improve the Broth", MorningStar (US), March 2014 (PDF File)

"The Big Exit", Financial Advisor Magazine, September 2012 (PDF File)

Other Media Coverage

"Asset Managers: Too big to fail?", Globe and Mail, May 2015

"Should you invest in hot mutual funds? Absolutely No", Globe and Mail, November 2014 (PDF File) (link)

"Five-year bull market shows little sign of cooling", Globe and Mail, May 2014 (PDF File) (link)

"Why are Exchange-Traded Funds cheaper than Mutual Funds?", ClearFacts Website, July 2011 (link)